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Fic Roundup and Possible Willow/Oz Ficathon

This comm seems a little low on activity, so here's a quick rec of some Willow/Oz fic I've written in the last year, but neglected to post. The drabbles are under LJ cuts, but I'm linking the longer fic back to my journal, so as not to make this post overly messy. 

Blanket disclaimer: I don't anything mentioned in any of these unofficial fanworks. Also, all of the drabbles were written for prompts from the  open_on_sunday  community.

Also, for anybody who's still actively writing fic or participating in fandom, would there be any interest in a Willow/Oz ficathon? It wouldn't have to be big, but there's a lot of events for other ships (i.e. Winter of Faith, IWRY Marathon, Fall for SX, etc.) and nothing for Willow/Oz, which is a shame. It would probably be pretty low key, just a commitment to write one Willow/Oz fic of any lengh by a certain date, but there's a serious dearth of Willow/Oz fic, and this could be a fun way to create more fic and get new authors interested in Willow/Oz. Let me know if there would be any interest in this, and, if there is, I'll see about organizing something myself.


Fall for You

Oz never believed he’d fall in love. But now, every morning, when he wakes up, holding Willow tight, he knows he was wrong. He’s so in love with her, with how she buries her face in his chest when she wakes up and the way she crinkles her nose when she laughs. He’s amazed that Willow could ever love a monster like him, but she does, with everything inside of her. She kisses him and whispers “I love you,” and Oz knows, heart nearly bursting, this is how being in love feels, and he falls for her all over again.  


Postcards from Far Away

In every city he passed through, Oz wrote her a letter.

In LA, a tearstained apology, promising he’d left because he loved her more than anything. In Paris, a love letter, promising his return and unending love for her. In Bucharest, a postcard, script tiny, squeezing to fit all his love into a single rectangle.

For all the letters he wrote, he never bought a single stamp.

Sending the letters would be admitting he'd left Willow, and he couldn't. Besides, he would be home soon enough.

If he just waited to see her again, he prayed she'd wait for him.




Sunburns hurt, a lot. Being obscenely pale, Oz burnt easily, and was used to getting sunburns, but these were the worst he could remember.

Willow had put on a second layer of sunscreen after lunch, but Oz hadn’t bothered, instead, lifting her up, running for the ocean, and dropping Willow into the waves.

“You’ll pay for that, Mister!” Willow had giggled, pushing wet hair out of her eyes.

That evening he did, his back burnt red and blistering. But when Willow straddled his back and rubbed Aloe lotion into his skin, he decided that sometimes the pain is worth it.



Longer Willow/Oz Fanfiction

A Collection of Unfixed Points Prologue Chapter One. (PG-13/R, but currently only PG-13)- In Passion, Angelus goes on to kill Giles, Xander, Willow, and Oz after he murders Jenny, causing Buffy to inadvertently wish that she and her friends had gotten to live normal lives, like they would've gotten to if she wasn't the Slayer and they weren't on the Hellmouth. As a result, she gets stuck in an alternate universe with no memories of her life as the Slayer until she, Xander, Willow, and Oz are confronted with a world out of balance that only they can set straight. AR canon that becomes AU.

Come Morning PG)-A missing scene from "The Zeppo," where Willow locks Oz up for the night, before the attempted Apocalypse.

Rumblings of a Dying Earth (PG-13)- Everything must come to an end, sooner or later, and not even the Earth is exempt from that. Contains 9 interconnected ficlets, 2 of which are W/O, while the other 7 are about each of the Scoobies who survived Chosen and NFA.

Seasona (PG, also contains Willow/Tara, Willow/ Kennedy, and Willow/Xander)- Willow's been in four relationships in her life, one for each season.

White Picket Fences PG-13)- Willow's worried about graduating. Oz reassures her. Pointless fluff, set immediately after the episode Choices.
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